Reiki was developed in the early twentieth century by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese sensei —meaning “teacher”—from Kyoto, Japan. When his students inquired about performing healing treatments with the hands, he is said to have started a quest to rediscover this ancient practice.

His travels and research let him to recover the keys to activate and direct universal life-force energy in the sacred Tibetan writings. From these sources and implementation, he developed the form of Reiki practiced today. Please note that Dr Usui is the original source of Reiki training. Some people have changed his teachings and many people have diluted his teachings so it is important to know which form of Reiki training is being offered and how a particular Reiki master received their training.

The practice of “laying on of hands” has been written about in sacred texts throughout history as a means to bless or invoke healing. All tribal cultures and major religions practiced some form of this healing. Up until the French Revolution, the kings and queens of France and England used a method of healing touch called “the Divine Touch.” This tradition was gradually lost as the scientific method became the norm. Now, with a resurgence of traditional wellness practices, the benefits of hands-on healing are becoming more and more widespread. Healing within brings inner beauty to the surface.

Please note:
Claiming to be a “healer” of others creates negative credibility. While you may offer wellness modalities, you cannot claim to “heal” anyone else. You can only heal yourself and share your personal experience with others. When you heal yourself you become the inspiration for others to heal themselves.

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