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Choosing a Reiki Master Teacher


If you are interested in offering Reiki treatments to clients, you must have proper Reiki training by a certified Reiki master teacher. Because energy work is very intimate, select a teacher who makes you feel comfortable. This person will be your mentor, and you want to feel safe going to them when you have questions. Once attuned, you will be energetically connected to this person for life. Money should not be the key factor in choosing your teacher. More important is the teacher’s character and experience in teaching Reiki. Following are some important questions to ask:

• Is your Reiki master a good example of his or her work, both inside and out?
• Does this person practice Reiki regularly on himself or herself?
• How much teaching has this person done?
• Does he or she specialize in teaching a certain target market?
• How long did this teacher take for his or her progression to Reiki master?

Remember that it takes at least two weeks between attunements to acclimate to your new energy level. It is preferable to find a teacher who has followed and teaches by these guidelines as well. Although weekend courses have become available in the recent past, attuning people in two or three of the levels without waiting in between is contrary to Dr Usui’s teachings.

Beware of teachers who claim their Reiki is “better” or the “authentic” Reiki. Dr. Usui was the original source for Reiki training. When you are accessing universal life-force energy, you cannot improve on this energy—there is no “better.” Someone who is trying to convince you that his or her way is better is coming from linear, left-brain programming and not the original Usui teachings.