Transformative Esthetics Level 2

“Reiki 2 helps you to be your best self. It encourages you and give you the tools to find the answers within in a practical way. It sharpens your intuitive wisdom.  As usual, this class was great. Informative and practical.”  La-Verne Benjamin, esthetician – La Mesa, CA

Transformative Esthetics with Reiki Level 2 includes distance healing and advanced Energy Clearing techniques. Learn to perform full-body treatments at a distance, clear emotional and mental energy in a treatment as well as clear energy in your spa and home. Reiki 2 has a profound effect on the well-being of you and your clients by bringing balance to the emotional self and body/mind connection. Some clients have reported that Reiki 2 has helped them to heal from depression. This is a powerful healing tool to add to your practice.

You will learn:

  • Your symbols to perform distance treatments on up to three people at a time *
  • Energy protection methods to clear unwanted energy in your space and objects
  • How to use the Reiki symbols in a hands-on treatment
  • How to clear negative emotional and mental aspects–including depression–that keep you stuck
  • Advanced Energy Clearing Techniques including:
    • Energy assessment techniques for your space
    • Energy clearing methods to use before, during and after treatments
    • Various energy clearing techniques including, scent, sound, gemstones, prayer and Reiki
  • Continued practice with Energy Healing treatments and methods for your business
  • Learn how to use gemstones as part of your healing treatment, including:
    • How to assess the energy of the Chakras
    • Techniques for selecting the best stones to create balance
    • How to place the stones on and around the body during a treatment

* My Reiki master teacher taught me a unique way to perform distance healing on up to three people at a time. This method is much simpler and I have found is not taught by other teachers. You will be able to read a client’s energy at a distance, perform 15 or more minutes of Reiki in a distance treatment, and find that they are balanced after the healing is complete. Reiki is so simple and amazing.  Level 2 takes you to new heights in healing!

“Awesome! This is healing at its finest. Linda’s workshops are filled with so much love and compassion. You learn skills to not only heal your clients but to get in closer contact with yourself as well.” Corie Roberts, esthetician, Fountain Valley, CA


Saturday & Sunday, January 28 – 29, 2017 in the SF Bay Area – Concord, CA

  • Price:  $550
  • (Price Includes: Workbook, attunements, lunch and certificate)
  • Location:  (Address given upon registration)
  • Questions or to Register:  Call Linda 925-446-6284 or email
  • Other:  Payments are non-refundable and may be transferable to a future class

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