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Why I Teach Reiki:

Reiki helped me heal from depression…

I have been practicing Reiki for over 20 years and teaching Reiki since 2001. I originally used Reiki to heal myself from depression. After 9/11 I saw our country in a state of mass depression and realized I had the knowledge and ability to help people heal. This is when I received my “calling” to teach Reiki to fellow estheticians and to pass this healing energy to our clients by adding wellness therapies to our menu of services. I changed my focus from make-up and image beauty make-overs to wellness and energy make-overs. To heal your mind and emotions you must start by healing the spirit. Consistent use of Reiki does this and I can teach you how. In 2007 I wrote chapter 22 on Wellness Therapies in the Milady Advanced Esthetic textbook. They just came out with the 2nd edition of this book earlier this year; pictured. Although I created specialty courses for licensed beauty professionals I include everyone who feels called to learn Reiki with me,  It has been an exciting and rewarding decade.

Feel free to contact me with questions about Reiki at 925-446-6284. I offer healing and training packages for all 3 levels of Reiki. You will learn about the following:

1. What is Reiki
2. Origins and Benefits of Reiki
3. How does “Energy” work
4. The Chakra system simplified for daily life
5. Hand positions for self
6. Hand positions for others
7. Mini-Treatments and Facial hand positions
8. Practice on yourself and others
9. How to speak about and incorporate Reiki into your practice

The class includes my Reiki workbook, attunements, Reiki 1 Self Treatment MP3, and certificate upon completion. (DVD available for an additional price).

Bertaut Reiki workbook, DVD and CD

  • Rates for Reiki 1 Online Video Training $250 Includes:
    • Reiki level 1
    • Transformative Treatments with Reiki & Nature
    • Video series for both classes
    • Workbook and chart downloads
    • Reiki level 1 attunements – performed in person or distance
    • mp3’s for self guided Reiki treatment
  • Price for Bertaut Reiki Level 1 in-person class $300
  • Transformative Treatments in-person class $200
  • (Purchase both classes and receive the online training package listed above)

Outside of northern CA prices will include travel expenses. Please call and we can discuss the minimum attendee requirement.